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Endowed with exceptional mobility and agility, the hand is a highly developed tool comprising 27 bones, several metres of blood vessels and thousands of nerve endings. Our skin is the first layer of protection and, efficient though it may be, it offers limited resistance to the cold or other dangers such as cuts and blows.

Always Innovating. Never Imitating.

Beginning with the world s

first PVC and Single Use Nitrile

gloves, we ve always led the

pack with better, safer ways for

you to work with your hands.

We combine our technological expertise

and mastery of design with an intimate

understanding of our customers, their

work and the protection they need to

go above and beyond. This approach

enables us to take protection to the next

level with advancements like our cut-

resistant Hagane Coil® and S-TEX range, which can withstand up to 40N force

unlike any other glove on the market.

Our standard is the highest standard of

performance and safety, providing you

the ultimate defense, no matter what

task awaits you.

PROTECT WHAT MATTERS Hands provide 70% of man s total motor abilities.

Quality is woven into every fibre of our organization. We have full control of our industrial

ecosystem, enabling us to maintain

consistent quality and achieve

perfection at every level. We perform

every possible resistance test in our labs

to ensure that each glove is fit for work

before packaging and delivery. All of

our production sites around the world

are ISO 9001 certified and embrace our

relentless pursuit of excellence.

Integrated Manufacturer Since 1951

By owning all of our manufacturing, design and inspection

processes, we create our own machinery, yarns, coatings,

polymers and hand formers. This unchallenged level of

control fuels our innovation process, resulting in unreplicable

products and technology that give us a significant advantage

over our competition.

It is a mistake to believe that for a glove to be good, it just

needs to meet current standards and prevent whatever risk

the user is facing. The reality is much more complicated

than it appears.

Whatever the industry, working conditions or application,

the glove needs to be as comfortable as possible. Comfort

is paramount as, without this essential quality, the worker s

safety would be considerably reduced.

Historically, a lot of construction workers would not wear

gloves because it limited their dexterity and prevented them

from doing their jobs correctly. Despite the risks, they found

it more practical to work without protective gloves. Faced

with this situation, manufacturers of personal protective

equipment, especially SHOWA, have developed solutions

that enable everyone to benefit from increased comfort

and exemplary protection.

By developing ergonomic glove ranges that perfectly follow

the shape of the hand and as the first company to develop

seamless, coated gloves and certain high-performance

fibres, SHOWA is a forerunner in numerous technological

advancements. Providing a high level of protection against

mechanical and chemical risks, SHOWA gloves always offer

more comfort, flexibility and accuracy than any other brand.